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Ron Tschudy - Central Lake

Imagine that you live on another earth much like ours except that things are different in two big ways. 

First, the people in the tropical zone (closer to the equator) are much more resource-rich than we northerners: they have more and better farm land and a longer growing season, and they’re also blessed with abundant coal, natural gas and oil. They’ve lived high on the hog for decades, very comfortably –lots of cars and travel, air-conditioned comfort, luxurious houses, etc. We’re OK here, but they are much better there. (To be fair, some people, everywhere, live high on the hog. 

Second, on this other imaginary earth the climate system is different: living as well as the southerners have been and still do is the main factor in a process that’s somehow cooling the earth. The earth’s average temperature is slowly but surely dropping.

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