Village prepares for water line replacement project

Linda Gallagher, Contributing Writer

BELLAIRE – During its monthly business meeting last week, the Bellaire Village Council was updated on work to complete a loan application for an upcoming sewer project, two upcoming events, the DDA, and efforts to complete a preliminary study for a state-mandated water line replacement project.

According to Bellaire DPW Supervisor Bradley Keiser, legislation approved last year as a result of the Flint water crisis requires that any pipes or fittings used in water lines resulting in human consumption be replaced if they may contain lead.

"We test our water monthly and have never had any lead present in the water," Keiser explained. "But with this legislation, we still have to replace any parts of a private water line that may contain any parts with lead in them."

Since the fittings most commonly used prior to 2014 were brass, most contain a small percentage of lead, he went on to say.

Bellaire has approximately 460 private water lines in the village's water system, Keiser noted. "Most, if not all, of those probably have the brass fittings.

"Right now Jennifer Hodges from Gourdie-Fraser is in the process of doing a preliminary study for us that must be submitted to the DEQ," he said. "That study will hopefully give us an idea of the cost of doing this work."

Keiser is hopeful that a long-term loan may be obtained to cover the cost of the project, because no grants are currently available.

"There will not be any initial costs to property owners, although down the line we may have to look at our water rates," he stated.



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