Side Bar - A pandemic burnout

John Tarrant

It’s good to see local schools easing up on their masking requirements. In fact, most businesses have already done the same. Now the politicians need to let up on the mandates. I know they are anxiously awaiting the day when they can declare victory and announce an end to the COVID-19 pandemic but science is now telling us that’s probably not going to happen any time soon and quite possibly, never. Like the common cold and the flu, it seems COVID is something we’ll have to learn to live with. We all want to get back to normal, but what does that mean?

The dictionary defines normal as conforming with or constituting an accepted standard, model or pattern, but those are always changing anyway. Many of the “normal” things we do today would not have been considered normal 20 years ago, so we will always have a new normal in our future. This time around, it will be normal for many to continue to wear masks in public and I suspect that from now on the vast majority of us will maintain some space between us as we stand in lines.

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