The Quirks of Quarantine

Donna Sears

During these strange and stressful days, we can still find relief in a bit of humor if we are open to it. Anything from a smile, a snicker, or a full-blown belly laugh can help us cope. The other morning, I had a good chuckle at my own expense. I was getting dressed, sorting through my sock drawer when I said to myself, “Why the heck am I being careful to match the color of my socks to my shirt? Who cares?”

Obviously, I do. Am I merely a victim of habit? Or is there a sense of comfort and stability in sticking to my self-imposed “normal” schedule? Maybe in the weeks to come I will be able to take a vacation from routine and wear my Rosie the Riveter socks with my flowered pajamas as I have pizza for breakfast and watch TV all day, but I’m not there yet. Are you?

We all just handle this situation the best we can in our various ways, but all within the guidelines, and our own common sense. I had a welcome departure from what has become the main topic of thought around here, when a distant cousin used his computer to send me a series of photographs to see if I could identify any of them. I could, and spent a pleasant morning doing so. It was a sobering thought to realize that I, as the oldest member of my mother’s big family, am probably the only one left who could do this job.

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