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John Tarrant

Off and on, over the years, the Review has published a feature titled “Pastor’s Corner.” Its purpose was to provide space for area Clergy to explain the Bible and write about faith and matters of religion. It was hoped that a large number of church leaders would participate and it started out that way, but eventually, always dwindled down to just a couple of local ministers submitting material.

Once again, The Review is being asked to consider reviving the column. We will be happy to do that but we need solid commitment for participation from area churches and we will take a different, more active approach in administering the schedule.

I don’t know how many churches there are in the two-county area we cover but what the newspaper needs to make this work will be a commitment by the Pastors of at least a dozen of those churches to submit a column for Pastors Corner just once every three months. I don’t think that’s asking a lot considering that the participating churches will be getting another pulpit, so to speak, from which it can deliver a message. 

If you are the Pastor of a church located in Antrim or Kalkaska County and interested in participating, please submit your name, church affiliation and a contact phone number and an e-mail address to The Antrim Review, P.O. Box 313, Bellaire, MI 49615 or e-mail

Your response will tell us what we need to know.

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