New funding to help rebuild area roadways, portions of CR 620

Linda Gallagher, Contributing Writer

Photo by Linda Gallagher

An emergency roads funding bill being fast tracked through Michigan's Legislature will help the Antrim County Road Commission rebuild a three-mile portion of County Road 620 west of US-131, a portion of which has been in very poor condition for the last several years. 


MANCELONA – With rising temperatures and melting snows comes another season in northern Michigan – pothole season, when thawing soil causes older roads to buckle and break, leaving cracks, fissures, and often, huge potholes perhaps better described as craters.

And in parts of both Antrim and Kalkaska counties, the condition of many roads is already so poor it can hardly get worse.

One of the roads in dire need of redemption is County Road 620, which crisscrosses central Antrim County from Bellaire to Alba, where it becomes known as the Alba Highway and continues on to Gaylord.

But recent moves on the part of the Michigan Legislature may bring new life to CR 620, along with roads in Kalkaska County in the form of a bill being fast-tracked through the halls of the Capitol.

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As temperatures rise and fall, and roadways expand and contract, something has to give. That “something” often results in deteriorating asphalt and potholes. As road commission crews work to patch and fill new or existing damage, motorists are often forced to maneuver around the hollow spots while still maintaining safe driving skills. Those who experience the impact of a pothole may end up scheduling an appointment with their mechanic or local tire shop.

With that in mind, The Review encourages readers to submit pictures and notes regarding hazardous potholes or roadways throughout the region. A sampling of your submissions will be published to alert fellow readers, residents and authorities of those areas (many of which are likely already on the slate for timely repair).

Submissions can be emailed to: or mailed to P.O. Box 313, Bellaire, MI 49615 or dropped off at our office: 4470 S. M-88 Hwy. in Bellaire during regular business hours. Photos should be sent in JPEG format and at least 1MB in size.


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