Media blitz fails to help turn up lost KCSD rifle

Dennis Mansfield, Contributing Writer

KALKASKA – The Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Department is leaving no stone unturned in its search for a missing patrol rifle. That includes turning to the media in hopes of generating a tip.

But, to date, the department’s efforts have failed to recover the AR-15 rifle that went missing in mid-May.

KCSD Undersheriff David Wagner II confirmed that the rifle went missing from a patrol vehicle after a deputy placed it on the roof of patrol unit while adjusting other equipment inside the vehicle. The deputy pulled away to resume his duties, forgetting the rifle was not accounted for and could not locate the .223-caliber firearm once he remembered, and backtracked to the area on Boardman Road, near Aldridge Street, in Boardman Township.

“We conducted our own investigation,” Wagner said.

But, when that failed to find the rifle, Wagner added that KCSD officials recently decided to contact media outlets and use social media to see if someone might have found the firearm or an idea where it might be.

“We decided to reach out to the public,” he said. “We were optimistic.”

As of Monday, still no luck, according to the undersheriff.

“No,” Wagner said. “We’ve received a few tips, but they weren’t credible.”

Wagner added that the sheriff’s department will continue to investigate and locate the missing rifle. That includes entering related information on the firearm into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

“It’s entered into LEIN as stolen,” Wagner said.

Any individual found with the rifle could face a felony charge of possession of stolen property.

Although, Wagner added that sheriff’s officials are still hoping to receive a better tip that might lead to the recovery of the rifle.

“If someone has it, or they know where it is, they can let us know,” he said. “Or, they can contact any other law enforcement agency.

“And, if they need to remain anonymous, that’s no problem.”

As for the deputy who lost the rifle, Wagner said the individual has already faced disciplinary measures. However, the undersheriff said he could not be specific about the issue.

“It involved time off that was not compensated,” Wagner added.

Anyone with information concerning the missing rifle may contact the KCSD by calling 231-258-3350 or 258-8668. 



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