Lesson in Forestry: the good and vital importance of the forest industry

Bill Cook MSU Extension Forester/Biologist, RETIRED

If you love forests, then you also need to love loggers, sawmills, papermills, and thousands of other companies that comprise the forest industry. What? Really? Yep.    


For too long, logging and the forest industry community have been unfairly regarded with disdain and mistrust.  Certain elements of the environmental community have taken great pains to paint the industry with a long list of disagreeable labels.  

And, it just ain’t so.

Were there times when lots of bad things were done to our forests? You betcha. A hundred-plus years ago wanton logging and subsequent wildfire left the resource in a shambles. Times were different then. Most of society viewed forests as an impediment to development and progress. The whole idea was to get rid of forests. 

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