Guest Column - Climate predictions versus current U.S. problems

Sam R. Cataldo - Bellaire, MI

1) This is in response to Mr. Tschudy’s article of 10/28/21. He basically supports the U.S. paying more to fund the United Nations atmospheric work (WMO & WHO) due to our consumption levels. While we all want cleaner air and water, some perspective is in order. Historically the U.S. has been the largest worldwide contributor to the United Nations; U.S. 22/25 percent of U.N. budget, China 12 percent, Japan/Britain/Germany/France combined 23.5 percent. Currently President Biden is proposing another $36 B contribution. So how much is enough? There are many questions about the effectiveness of “Global Agencies”/Worldwide efforts. Year after year goes by and all they seem to accomplish is more “scary” reports and holding regular, expensive, massive meetings at luxury locations around the world. This means a large number of emission generating private jets flying and a comparable amount of limos motoring to get the elite to their meetings, receptions and dinners. Bottom line, what jumps to mind when you list the successes of these Global programs to improve the atmosphere? Not much! Also, recall one of the early supporters of these efforts, Al Gore who claimed in May 2006, that the icebergs would melt, the oceans would rise and flood the coasts within 5 years. Somehow he wasn’t deterred from buying an ocean front home soon after his claims. If the term Climate Change is worrisome, take comfort in knowing that the climate has always changed, and it always will. Before the human race emerged, the earth experienced climatic periods that were much warmer and cooler than now.

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