Facing unwanted change

Darin McClellan - Bellaire

I have a story to tell. I once knew an individual with autism, Aspergers, who was living his life with his family in a suburb of Detroit when, through events not of his own, found himself facing the reality of having his life uprooted and moved to a town called Bellaire. For a year he tried to ignore it, pretend that such an upsetting event could never happen. But as he watched his family build a new home, it became harder and harder to ignore.

People with Aspergers struggle with change. They tend to get into a pattern that they follow day by day and are very resistant to changes to that routine. The disorder also makes social interactions difficult to a point where the individual would rather be alone than face the possibility of being rejected or put down. However, when they do eventually make friends and settle into their new found group, it is very upsetting for them to suddenly have to be away from the group.

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