Another view on Ten Commandments issue

Jim Dewey - Alden

I wholeheartedly concur with Ms. McCown’s views in her recent letter to the editor. Her analysis questioning whether or not “religious freedom” is the driving force of the group requesting the display of the Ten Commandments in a local public school is absolutely correct. However, I also suggest this demand is about power and who has control of that power.

Do not believe for a moment this group will be satisfied with the Ten Commandments in one location in the school. Each building will be required to comply with the request. From there would be a demand for the display in each classroom. To make certain the requirement was being adhered to, an enforcer of the edict would be required. Who? School personnel? A representative of the group demanding the display? What if an employee refused to comply with the demand? What would the consequence be? Suspension? Firing? 

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