Reader suspects election fraud

Douglas Wickstrom, Bellaire

It’s time somebody checked out the result changes on our recent election results, Nov. 3, in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Donald Trump was leading in all these states, except Nevada, when we went to bed on Nov. 4. Next thing you know Biden gets the lead in all the above states. This smells of election fraud. I think a bunch of ballots were tampered with and instead of Trump winning them they went to Biden. Remember Antrim County in Michigan? Luckily we had an honest county clerk who made sure all our ballots were counted fairly. Forty seven counties in Michigan used the same faulty software as used by Antrim County. Many states in the U.S. used the same faulty software. All the dishonest Democratic election officials had to do were to eliminate the Trump votes in one large percent and “bingo,” Biden wins the Democratic controlled city and the whole state. 

It is truly sad we cannot have an honest election in our country.



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