Little Old Women - Big Bands and a bevy of Bobs

Donna Sears

You know how you get a song stuck in your head and can’t seem to get rid of it? Ever since I wrote a column some time ago about THEN as compared to NOW, I can’t seem to quit making comparisons. I should be living in the moment, enjoying the NOW, like my heated toilet seat.  I’m never sitting there, reading a magazine, that I don’t recall the outhouses of my youth and the catalogs therein. My NOW is definitely the winner over “the good old days.”
Yesterday morning a “band” was featured on a TV talk show I watched. It was two guys playing guitars while jumping around, and a drummer. They looked like they had been up all night, and just wandered in off the street to get warm. They were wearing T-shirts with large pictures and words I can’t quote, open flannel shirts, knit hats pulled down to their eyebrows, and one guy wore big fluffy red bedroom slippers!

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