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Reader believes ‘a lot of money is spent on selective issues’ in Antrim County

To the Editor:
After reading the latest issue of The Antrim Review it seems to be loaded with a lot of one-sided thought provoking issues! It seems to be a lot of “we-thought-of -it-and-that-is-the way-it-is” ideas are being produced. The TART Trail issue is one.
How this idea got to this stage is beyond most people, except those will benefit from it the most. I truly wonder if the rest of the commissioners agree with Ed Boettcher’s thinking, or if this is another “We vs. Them” conclusions.

Nelson Hoogerhyde - Alba

Take a closer look at the real cost of developing a trail connector system

To the Editor:
To present the other side’s, point of view in regards to the TART trail system connector from Little Traverse Wheelway to Charlevoix: We would not be having the discussion if it weren’t for the county and the townships’ citizens objecting based on private property concerns. It is my understanding that public input and engagement are one of the first steps when it comes to the impact of the proposed trail – not after it’s been approved, but before.
The question as to how to protect and preserve landscapes, cultural heritage and property rights while enhancing the beauty in landscape of our county are usually the topic of discussion. The long-term costs of maintenance and who pays for them have yet to be planned for or properly vetted.

Christian Marcus - Antrim County Commissioner

Volunteers are ‘everlasting thread in the tapestry that is our continuing story

To the Editor:
Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 23-29. Volunteers are vital to the story and success of the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan (WRCNM).
In 1977, a group of local volunteers began the WRCNM to fulfill a vision they had for an organization that would offer support to women facing life challenges, transitions and crisis.  This year the WRCNM observes four decades of providing essential services and effective programs for women, children and individuals in our service area of Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet and Otsego counties.

Jamie Winters - Safe Home Coordinator - Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc.

Superintendent addresses upcoming May 2 school bond vote

To the Editor:
On May 2, voters will decide if the Elk Rapids Schools can sell bonds to finance the construction of two restroom/concession buildings and resolve longstanding drainage issues affecting some athletics fields. If approved, the repayment would last for seven years. The proposed added rate of 0.10 mills would not raise the overall 2016 rate of 1.26 mills, but rather, maintain it. Otherwise, it will lower to 1.16 mills.
Even with the millage rate held steady, the public should understand how 1.26 mills compares to debt levies by other schools. For 2016, our neighboring districts, TCAPS and Kalkaska Public Schools had debt levies of 3.10 mills and 3.82 mills, respectively. For 2015 (latest data available) the statewide average debt levy among all 551 public schools was 4.55 mills.

Stephen R. Prissel - Superintendent -Elk Rapids School

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